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DocsWare is available for custom programming work. However, only a limited number of projects can be taken at a time. Please contact Zac Schroff to see if your project can be worked on at this time. Please have some information about your project handy, in case projects can be taken on (sometimes projects can't be handled because there is already too much to be done). The current list of programmers at DocsWare, and their specialties follows.

Zac Schroff
(You can check out Zac's résumé also.)
PC compatible
A specialist in assembly programming on the 80x86 line (particularly the 8086/80186 and 80386), Zac has several years of hardware level programming experience, including real-time applications. Zac also has several years of Turbo Pascal programming experience (most of the time with a little assembly mixed in for speed). Zac has also had a little experience with C/C++, various BASICs, CoBOL, and ForTran on the PC compatible platform. Zac's PC compatible programming experience is mostly assembly programs running under DOS (or being their own operating system -- see DocsBoot+ for an example of this) and C++ programs running under OS/2.
Unfortunately (according to him) Zac has had rather little experience with the Macintosh line of computers. When he notes this, he almost invariably points out that it was because they were so expensive when he first moved away from his Apple ][ clone (an Albert) that he could only afford a PC compatible (and barely that).
Other personal computers
Zac is familiar the older 8bit computers based upon the Motorola 6502, 65C02 and 65C12 processors, including the Apple ][, the Commodore 64 and 128, and some Atari models. It has been years since he did anything on any of these computers, so he's probably a little rusty, but he could get back going if this was needed.
Portable code
Zac's latest job involved portable code (code which is designed to run properly with minimal porting effort on any platform). This really is portable code written in C, and some reference porting for the code also.
Other platforms
Zac has had some limited experience (several classes) with C/C++ on the IBM RS/6000 platform running AIX. He has had some limited experience with a MIPS machine language emulator (one class). He has also had some (one class) IBM 370 assembly experience, and (various classes) CoBOL and ForTran on a couple of mainframes. He has not had any real-world experience with any of these, however.

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