DocsBoot+ price list

Since DocsBoot+ is shareware, you must register it if you continue using it past the evaluation period of one month. The table below (click here for a version without tables) indicates the current registration costs for various levels of registration.

Single computer registrations
Single computer registrationUS $15
Site registrations (a site registration includes only one disc)
2 to 9 computersUS $10 each computer
10 to 19 computersUS $9 each computer
20 to 49 computersUS $8 each computer
50 to 99 computersUS $7 each computer
100 to 199 computersUS $6 each computer
200 to 499 computersUS $5 each computer
Extra discsUS $2 each disc

Please note at this time, our policy on shipping discs is that we will not send a disc unless it is requested. If you want a single disc, it is covered by the registration fee. If you want more discs, there is an extra cost involved (see the table above).

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