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Please use this form to report problems you are having with DocsBoot+. Please use the comment form to submit comments or suggestions for DocsBoot+, or the assistance form to ask for assistance using or setting up DocsBoot+.

When submitting a problem report, you should have available all the information you can collect about your system available, and you also should have detailed information about the problem, when it occurred, what you were doing at the time, and how (if?) the problem affected operation of other aspects of your system (which aspects, if any). Any additional information you can provide will help to locate the problem and provide a solution for it.

Thank you.

WARNING : Some versions of Symantec's Norton AntiVirus package will misdiagnose the DocsBoot+ installation disc (or the ToDisc program) as containing an unknown virus, which is reported as the Bloodhound virus. Symantec has been quite unhelpful in trying to resolve this issue. Please try scanning the files and disc on a computer with another antivirus package, such as McAfee's. If it still shows as infected, and the archive signature is intact, please contact us with the information about the antivirus program and a copy of the suspect archive.

Please note that genuine DocsWare archives include authentication data, which can be checked when opened with the appropriate tools. Zip files must be opened with a ZIP utility from PKWare, and RAR files must be opened with a RAR utility from RarLabs. If, when using proper tools, the file reports invalid authentication or the authentication is missing, you probably have a corrupt or forged archive, and should consider it to be highly suspect.

The following fields must be filled in : Name, E-mail, Computer description, Problem description.

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Please be very detailed in your description. Include brand, model, capacity, speed, &c information for your processor, discs, memory, cache, and peripherals. Any additional information may also help.

Describe your problem
Please be very detailed in your description, since the more detail you provide, the easier it is tofigure out the problem and come up with a solution for it.

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