Some of Zac Schroff's friends

Scott Kelley
Scott claims to be a graduate student in the Computer Science department of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, though I sometimes wonder whether they are teaching him, or the other way round. Scott has written several small utility programs for the DOS platform, but is mainly a Macintosh programmer. He seems to have given up on what appears to be at this stage to be a really good mail reader for the Macintosh. It appears that Scott has taken collecting some things to a high art (this includes his collection of collections...!).
Walton C. Gibson
Colby is an Electrical Engineer who graduated from the University of Illinois. Take a look at his games collections page -- but don't expect to beat him at any of them! :) Among his other interests are electromagnetics, ray tracers, and p1mp.

If you are a freind and feel neglected by not being on this list, please tell me. :)

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