Some things on my Wants lists

Last complete update 20000428

Last update 20000428

Basically, this is a (probably not comprehensive) list of things for which I am searching (or at least watching) at the time. If you have anything on here and want to sell or trade or just give away, I might be interested. Please contact me with information. If you think you might have something on this list, contact me and I'll try to help you identify it. I'm usually willing to pay more if hardware has manuals and drivers with it, especially technical manuals. Also, if you have something close to the items on this list, try me. I might be interested in it.

Modern stuff

Obsolete stuff

Antique stuff

Modern stuff

Obsolete stuff
PC Platform
ATI Graphics Ultra Pro EISA (with 2MB VRAM)
Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE32 PnP sound card
Must have daughterboard connector and SIMM sockets
Gravis UltraSound MAX sound card
Gravis UltraSound PnP sound card
Hercules InColor (GB222) display card
Hercules RAMFont (GB112) display card
Any colour PDS display card & monitor for an SE/30
Apple HD20 (for old Macintosh Plus)

Antique stuff
Apple ][
Albert Revision C motherboard
Any Applied Engineering card
Any Apple ][, //e, //gs hard disc, card, and software
Practically any other Apple ][ hardware or software
Apple RAM expander card (the one that takes up to 1MB)
Apple SCSI card and software
ProFile drive (any size), card, and software
TransWarp card
TransWarp //e card
TransWarp //gs card
Practically any Atari hardware or software
Any Commodore 64 hard disc and software
Any Commodore 64 memory expander and software
Any monitor which supports the C=128 in 80-column mode
Practically any other C=64/C=128 hardware or software
1571 floppy disc drive
1581 floppy disc drive

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