DocsBoot+ online credit card registration form

Thank you for wanting to register DocsBoot+. Please read this document completely before doing anything else, as it will help speed matters along. This document will refer to the latest prices and offers for DocsBoot+, so if you want the latest information, check it periodically.

Please note that the current pricing system is described on this page, in the Registration type and Number of systems (sites only) sections of the form. If you would still like to see the price list, please look here (or look here for a version of the list without tables).

This page is not linked directly to PayPal. We would prefer to send a payment request to you via PayPal with the correct information once we have checked it. If there are any issues, we will contact you via email before submitting the payment request through PayPal. Thank you.

Note : if you are in doubt about what any blank means, click on
the blank name (the text to the left of the blank) for details.

The following fields must be filled in : Name, E-mail, Address, City, State,
Zip, Country, Home phone number, User name, Registration type and Number of Systems.


City, State, Zip
Home phone
Work phone

User name

Registration type
Please select the registration type that applies to your needs.
   Single system ($15 US)
   Site : 2-9 systems ($10 US each system)
   Site : 10-19 systems ($9 US each system)
   Site : 20-49 systems ($8 US each system)
   Site : 50-99 systems ($7 US each system)
   Site : 100-199 systems ($6 US each system)
   Site : 200-499 systems ($5 US each system)
Number of systems

Other options
  Check here if you would like updates/info emailled to you.
  Check here if you need to be sent a disc.

Please double-check the information you have provided, in particular : your email address, and the registration type (and quantity for sites). If any of these data are incorrect or missing, it will delay processing of your registration. Please fill in all parts of this form, to help avoid fraud.

We will send a request for payment via PayPal's system shortly after we get your request. This may take a day or two. If you do not hear from us after two days, please contact us to check on it. We will ship your disc (if you requested a disc) and send your email with the registration data at the same time as accepting your payment.

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