Clock information

Clock is two programs, both of which have as their primary function the display of the current time in the upper-right corner of the display. If you hold the right shift key down, the programs will display the date. If you are using the ClockP program, and hold either alt key down, the program will display a power status (this is useful for portables, hence the name ClockP).

Clock may not appear to be year 2000 compliant, and technically it is not, as it only displays the last two digits of the year. However, it is compliant as far as its intended function : it reads the time (or date) from the system BIOS and displays it to the screen. Since it does not perform any manipulation upon the date, it will not fail (assuming your system is otherwise compliant) after 1999.

The Clock programs are written in assembly. Source is not included.

Click here to download the clock programs in the file CLOCK233.ZIP. This file is 14853 bytes.

The Clock programs are cardware. If you use it for more than a month, you are expected to send me a post-card.

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