Zac Schroff's DOS programs

Please note that many of these programs requre DOS 3.30 or later to operate, and most of them lose functionality under versions before 3.30.

Batch I/O
The Batch I/O library is three DOS commands that allow DOS batch jobs to read keystrokes, have good control over text output (better than TYPE or ECHO), and display the time or make time-of-day based decisions. Click here for more information.
Clock is a program which displays the current time of day in the upper right corner of your screen. Clock is highly configurable. Click here for more information.
DAU is short for Disc Access Utility. It has several features not available in many disc editors, and it is faster than most currently available disc editors. Click here for more information.
Disc Converters
The disc converters are a set of programs that allows a disc to be copied into a file and then back to another disc. Click here for more information.
DocsForm is a versatile floppy disc formatting program. It can format discs up to 21 sectors per track (on 1440KB discs, usually 18 sectors per track). It supports sector sparing for floppies (between one and three defective sectors per track can be spared out), arbitrary root directory and cluster sizes, interleave. and more. Click here for more information.
DOSWatch is a resident program that displays disc accesses as they occur. DOSWatch can also write protect drives, and monitor disc command activity. Click here for more information.
ExtraDrives is a disc BIOS emulator which loads before DOS and allows DOS to access up to eight hard drives (they can be MFM, RLL, ESDI, IDE or any combination of these) in addition to whatever the system supports natively. Click here for more information.
Globber is a simple game, based upon the arcade game Ataxx. I rather like some of the graphic effects on the VGA version of this program. Click here for more information.
MCD combines the make and change directory functions into a single command. MCD can also be used as a change directory command (it creates the directory only if it has to). Click here for more information.
Mem is a program which lists the DOS memory block chain in more detail than the built-in DOS MEM command, and will work with any version of DOS 2.11 or later. Click here for more information.
PnP Configurator
The Plug and Play Configurator is actually a small collection of programs which allow more control over the PnP devices in your system. If, like me, you have lots of devices, or just would rather they go where you want them, this can help. Also includes a DocsBoot+ extension so you can have the devices preconfigured before booting an operating system which does not live on top of DOS.
VGASizes is a collection of programs which can provide VGA users with various display modes, from 40*10 through 80*60 (and beyond when coupled with most SVGA baords' 100 and 132 column capabilities. Click here for more information.
Width is a text file filter that truncates lines from STDIN so that they are no longer than the width of the current screen mode. Click here for more information.
XCLS is a collection of interesting ways to clear the screen. Not particularly useful, I suppose, but they are interesting effects and can be used to liven up batch programs. Click here for more information.
ZipTitler is a DOS batch job which automates the titling of many ZIPfiles. ZipTitler has a versatile command syntax, and somewhat intelligent file locating capabilities. Click here for more information.

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