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DAU is a disc editor for DOS, and for other operating systems which have a DOS emulation mode (most of these will not allow DAU to write to the hard disc, however). DAU allows sector level access to hard or floppy discs. DAU is faster than most sector editors available today and has some features not found in any of them.

DAU does not rely upon DOS being able to see the drive to work. DAU can therefore access physically damaged drives, and in some cases recover data from them (DAU has two commands specifically for data recovery and drive testing : Scan for bad sector and Read sector until good). DAU can even access drives that contain partitions DOS would not recognise. DAU can even read and write drives with fewer than 512 bytes per sector or more than 512 bytes per sector (up to 16KB per sector normally, and 64KB per sector using an external buffer!). DAU is also not encumbered by cluster size or any other operating system level attribute of a partition.

DAU is written in Turbo Pascal with assembly routines handling the more tedious work to make it run faster.

The current version of DAU is version 2.502, which is distributed in the file DAU2502.ZIP (31231 bytes) or in the file DAU2502.RAR (31180 bytes). It adds support for linear access on drives up to 4 billion sectors (2TB normally) and improves the search function significantly at only minor performance loss.

DAU is shareware. If you use it for more than a month, you are expected to send me a registration fee of US $25. I wish I could say that you would get something for this, but DAU is fully functional as-is, so all you would get is my gratitude (and your clear conscience) for your act of decency -- and the latest version, which you can get from here more or less free anyway.

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