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DocsForm is a floppy disc format program. But not just any floppy disc format program. DocsForm provides the user the abiliity to manipulate nearly any parameter of the format, from the number of sectors to the sector interleave to the number of sectors per cluster and the number of files that can be placed in the root directory.

DocsForm even has a mechanism to allow sector sparing to be performed on floppy discs! A 1440KB floppy disc with as many as three bad sectors on each track can often be formatted out perfectly with no bad space visible. Other formats support other capabilities, such as 720KB discs can spare a single sector per track.

Discs formatted with DocsForm generally need no extra drivers, except for a bug in DOS that if a disc has more than the standard number of sectors per track, DOS occasionally needs a small patch. An appropriate patch, called FlopFix, is included with DocsForm. This patch for DOS will also allow DOS to read other nonstandard floppies, such as the extended capacity floppies on which MicroSoft ships some of their newer products.

The current version of DocsForm is version 2.01. DocsForm is not currently available to the general public. If you are interested in seeing DocsForm, please email me, and we should be able to arrange for you to see it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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