XCLS information

XCLS is a collection of four programs that do interesting things with the text screen (two of them clear it, the other two pile things up at the bottom of it).

TYPEFALL, ported directly from the Apple ][ routine of the same name, simply makes all of the characters on the screen fall downward until they are on top of another character.

PILE, a change to TYPEFALL that seemed to me more pleasing too look at, assumes that, like any physical object, characters do not stack well and tend to form piles.

VAPOUR, another port of an Apple ][ routine by the same name, will decrement all of the characters on the screen until nothing but spaces remain on the screen. This effectively clears the screen.

PILEVAP, a combination of PILE and VAPOUR, will follow the rules for the PILE program, except when a character can not move farther down the screen, it will behave as VAPOUR and decrement it. This effectively clears the screen.

All of the XCLS programs are written in assembly. Source is not included.

Click here to download the XCLS programs, in the file XCLS.ZIP. This file is 1444 bytes.

The XCLS programs are freeware.

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