Memory Info program information

The memory information program is actually three programs that help you to keep track of memory (and storage) usage on your Psion Organiser II LZ or LZ64. The top level program displays a bar graph of each device, or a summary. The next level down displays information about the currently used allocator cells. The lowest level program allows viewing and some editing of memory on a byte for byte basis.

The memory information programs are written in OPL, with some minor machine language. OPL source is included (executables are not). The OPL programs contain the machine code, which was hand-assembled, so there is no assembly source.

This version replaces the version dated before 19990329, and improves display items, and also corrects problems with Flash packs and with large packs (>=64KB).

Click here to download the memory information programs, in the file INFO.ZIP. This file is 4596 bytes.

The memory information programs are freeware.

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