Zac Schroff's Psion Organiser II programs

Organiser II CM/XP

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Organiser II LZ/LZ64

GamesPack Shell
This program acts as a shell for the popular games pack, replacing the included shell and providing enhanced features. Click here for more information.
Memory Information (updated 19990329)
This is a collection of three programs, one that displays a graphical representation of memory and storage usage, one that displays information about the allocator cells, and one that allows direct viewing and limited editing of memory on a byte level. Click here for more information.
This is a simple maze program for the Psion, written mainly in OPL with some machine code for updating the screen, featuring a random maze generator. Click here for more information.
NotePads manager
This program allows you to put notepads in their own region on your system, instead of having to keep them all on the top menu or using the open function to load other notepads. Click here for more information.
Quine McCluskey term optimsiation program (updated 19990329)
This program will perform a Quine-McCluskey term elimination / optimisation on a set of values for a one-output function, with up to eight input variables. Click here for more information.
Screen candy LZ
This is a sort of a screen plaything (LCDs don't burn in, so calling it a screensaver would be rather pointless). It draws and animates various patterns on the screen. Click here for more information.

Other Organiser II related files

VGA screen fonts for Psion Organiser II coding
These are VGA screen fonts that simplify writing Psion Organiser II code on a DOS machine using a simple text editor by making the VGA characters look like those the Psion uses. Click here for more information.

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