NotePads Manager information

The NotePads manager will keep track of all of the NotePads on your Organiser. It was designed so that the notepads could be moved from the top menu into their own menu. This way, notepads could be moved off the top menu to reduce clutter, and you can still move about between them without having to resort to the relatively tedious open command.

The NotePads manager can keep track of the notepads stored on the internal memory of the machine (up to 255 characters worth of names, because it is written in OPL). It can sort the notepads by name or the order they were updated, and it can reverse the sort order.

It allows new notepads to be created simply by pressing the MODE key, as you would insert a top menu entry. You can also delete a notepad by pressing the DEL key, as you would remove a top menu entry. Be warned, though, that these options actually create or delete the notepad file (unlike the top menu functions, which simply link to or delink from the file).

The NotePads manager is written in OPL (as is the installer), and contains some machine language code for accessing the menu services (the installer uses some machine language to manipulate the top menu). The machine code was hand-assembled, so there is no ASM source, just OPL.

Click here to download the NotePads manager, in the file NOTES.ZIP. This file is 8082 bytes.

The NotePads manager is freeware.

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