Quine-McCluskey term optimsiation program Info

This program will take a table of input to output values for a binary function (up to eight inputs and one output) and will perform a Quine-McCluskey term optimsation upon it. I wrote it while taking an EE class that required this sort of term optimsation (this program is many times as fast as a similar program I saw at the time for the HP 48SX). I really wrote it so that I'd better understand the process, and it was very helpful in checking my work.

Naturally, you can select the number of inputs, and define the outputs. The program takes a little while to run sometimes, so it allows you to suspend working and resume later. It will also display (or print) the final results, and optionally display (or print) working results at each phase of the process.

The file is available in both source and executable, and executable only, because the source is large enough to require an LZ64 just to translate. You might find that if you have other files on the internal drive, there is not enough space to translate the source. It is probably best to run the Quine program from a RAMpack or DataPack, since it will also require considerable memory while it is running.

This replaces versions dated before 19990329, fixing problems had when using the Psion Printer II as the printing device.

Click here to download the Quine-McCluskey term optimsation program, in the file QUINE.ZIP (executable only). This file is 12188 bytes.

Click here to download the Quine-McCluskey term optimsation program, in the file QUINES.ZIP (source and executable). This file is 17441 bytes.

The Quine-McCluskey term optimsation program is freeware.

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